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Threat of being sacked

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Hey all,

I'm an 18 year old guy -

I am currently a bartender at the busiest and biggest pub/resturant in my city. Whilst in work today, I was told my 6 week probationary period has expired and extended by two weeks. If I don't step up my game and "prove myself" in those two weeks - I will not be offered a contract and will be sacked. I was not even aware I was on probation.

Reasons Quoted were:
- Not haveing full knowledge of company products (What, all 900+?)
- Not efficient enough (Being too slow to till and serve each order)


I have worked my arse off when I've been there, granted, I'm not the most experienced of bartenders as this is my first ever job behind a bar and my first ever full time job - I have had absolutely no formal training and have had to rely on the goodwill of other co-workers to get where I am now. In that period, I've basically learnt about 2 jobs worth of knowledge and company specific nuances (as I work both as floor staff, ie. waitering and behind the bar). Now I know I'm not the most experienced and perhaps most efficient server, but such things take time and I've managed to learn so much off the cuff not to mention I do try my utmost best every time I go to work. Further, they were aware of my lack of experience when they employed me.

Apparently, I should be sorted entirely after six weeks on every little detail of the job, considering I have never worked this type of job before - considering I have never worked for this company before and that I have actually tried my best - it seems unfair.

I'm determined to turn this around, but I really don't know where I have gone wrong and I am now unsurmountably stressed as the income I recive from this job is now vital to my household of which is dependent on it. If I get sacked, It will surely be extremely hard to get another job - and I haven't done anything wrong - I am apparently and ambiguously just "not performing to standard".

If I do get sacked, which I am doing my utmost to curtail - what are my rights as an employee - and by how much will it damage my prospects of future employment (Which is what I am most concerned about)?


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    that is shit :(

    i don't know if it would help, but could you take home a drinks menu and/or food menu so that you can teach yourself what you sell, if that makes sense? it might make you faster and more confident when serving.
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    Unfortunately after only a few weeks your rights will be pretty minimal. Your employer would have to give a fair reference, that's about all.
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    Take as much literature home with you as your employer will allow. This will show that you are determined and willing to make an effort to prove yourself. If all else fails, ask for a little more time.

    But unfortunately, unless you have been employed by the company for more than 6 months, they can render you "surplus to requirements" at any time, but they must give you a fair reference.
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