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Advice on weight.

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I'm 15 and overweight. I really want to lose some weight because I have almost no confidence in myself but I find it hard to be motivated, and I also don't feel confident enough to join any groups because I feel really self-concious. My family don't seem to realise how bad I feel but I don't want to tell them because I think my dad and brother will laugh at me. People think that I'm just really shy I'm not really. There are so many things that I want to do but just can't because of the way I feel. Please can you give me some advice.


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    I reached a stage this time last year where I was just over being over weight. I joined weight watchers with my mum and in a year have lost 22kgs. It could have been more, I would have wanted it to be more, but a slower loss is better. After losing that much and looking back on photos etc, you feel so much better. The attention you get, the compliments really boosts your confidence. I want to reach another 15kgs by June. Join with someone, or if you don't you will make friends there. I have.
    Also, join a club. I hate the gym, but I joined ceroc dance with my friend and I love it! It's a 3hour work out each week and we're going to start going 2 nights a week!
    Once you initiate it, you will feel better. It's starting that's the hard part.
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    It would be better if you had some kind of support to help you, but if you feel too self conscious to tell anyone just start slowly by yourself. Pehaps go on walks, smaller and healthier portions of food, etc. that way people are less likely to suspect what you are doing. If you are genuinely overweight, then I suggest you start now because it won't feel any better later on, usually worse in fact. Obvious I know but true.
    Hopefully you can work on your relationships with your family
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    Family mealtimes can be a problem if you're trying to lose weight without the family knowing - do what you can to reduce portion sizes, perhaps leave some on your plate if that wont cause problems. However you should be able to eliminate any snacks quite easily, and increase your exercise a little
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    Tell whoever does the cooking : it's just easier at the end of the day, and I really don't think anyone'll laugh at you. They can cook healthier bits of food and stuff.
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    Weight loss??....my tips

    I was, and still am a massive binge eater. I think about food all day, but what I find is great to help me along is walking. If i have a craving for food, i grab my ipod, and set off for a walk. If im distracted by music, the walking seems like no effort at all. I also drag along friends and family members, whatever the weather. If i sit around watching tv i know i'll snack on biscuits and snacks all day, whereas, if i go for a walk, not only am i taking my mind off the cravings, but also burning calories. Since moving into my student house, I have upped my walking by loads. I google the nearest supermarkets or shops, and pick one about 30/ 45 mins away. I love smoothies, and also magazines so I walk to the shop for a smoothie or magazine. The excersise is great, and knowing you're gaining something from it makes it so much easier. :) Although walking doesnt burn heaps and heaps of calories, it does improve your mood, and isnt much effort. And lets face it, its better than sitting around thinking about the snacks you can munch on next!!
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