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My dad is a Alcoholic

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My dad is a secret drinker. Both my Mother and I are aware of my Fathers problem. We used to find bottles of Vodka hidden around the house then in his work van. I don't know where he hides them now but I still know that he is drinking as it is very easy to tell when my dad is drunk. My Mother wrote hima letter to prove that she knew and that he had a problem. The drinking stopped for a couple of weeks but then he started again. My Mother basically turn round and said to me "What do you want me to do?". My Mother doesn't help the situation either as only yesterday she both him a box of Beer, which only made me mad at her aswell as him.
Not as long ago in September my mother was in hospital and I was home alone with my Father, he was still drinking, So i was worrying about my Mother and Father, and just couldn't stand anymore and some night I just broke down and cried, which doesn't happen very often.
I don't know what to do or who to turn to. Even if i did confront him he would only deny, because that is my dads personality, he always denys responsibility.
Please help me


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    Firstly, I am sorry to hear of your father's problem. My mum had a drink problem too when I was a child. It lasted for several years until she had a serious car accident and my paternal grandmother told her she wasn't a fit mother and threatened to take me away. Luckily for me, mum sought help and dried out. She has been tee-total now for over thirty years - so there is hope.

    If your father is willing to admit he has a problem, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is probably the best place to start. They have a very good success rate as all the members are recovering alcoholics, so they all know the issues your father is facing. As far as your mum and you are concerned, there AA have a sister-organisation, run along very similar lines, supporting those affected by alcoholics - Al-Anon. You should be able to find a regular meeting through your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, church or even by calling The Samaritans.

    I know it is particularly difficult for you all at this time of year. God-bless and good luck.

    P.S. Try checking the lavatory cisterns for bottles.
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    I don't think I can really add much to the above posters very sound advice other than to add ...stay strong and loving.
    Hope 2010 is better for you.
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