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Horrendous mood swings any help?

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Hi everyone. i was just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem ive had for about 5 or 6 years now. I used to suffer from depression from the age of 14 and went to the doctors and they stuck me on the pill to balance me out (supposedly) anyway. i had councelling and anger management and it helped sort of but not for long. anyway im now 19 and over the past couple of months ive noticed my mood swings coming back. Its not like a normal one from hormones or wotever. i get totally irrational and angry and it can last for a minute or hours. Its driving me nuts and its affecting my family and personal life and i just dont know what too do.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)


  • Soph001Soph001 Noob Posts: 105 Settling in
    Hi Jess,
    Thanks for posting, there's not much more frustrating than having moods you can't control. I don't know if you've seen it but there is a good factsheet about mood swings on TheSite.org with some resources for help along the side. Also at this point, when it's affecting your personal relationships, it might be worth going back to the doctor. Particularly as you don't seem that happy with the treatment you were given all those years ago. What do you think?
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