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    This is obviously a really difficult situation for you to deal with, it can be hard to know how to approach someone with a problem so that you can really help, rather than make things worse or just push them away.

    It's really worth understanding that many services that provide support for people with drugs issues are also available to help you provide help to someone else. They can discuss the possible problems and ways of approaching someone, as well as help you have some numbers to give to your friend if they do decide to ask for them.

    Most of what I'd suggest should also be considered alongside local services, which you're obviously aware of. They are there to help and can be incredibly useful - especially if through your father there are people you could approach to help with the situation.

    But as to other services you might want to speak to, how about trying either of these?

    Get Connected is a great place to start, and can put anyone in touch with appropriate helpines - 0808 808 4994

    Youth 2 Youth is a peer led helpline for 11 - 19 years old and you can phone on 020 8896 3675

    Either of these services should be helpful and, what's more, can help put you in touch with other appropriate services, both nationally and locally.

    Hope those numbers can help, and that you are able to help your friend deal with what they are going through.
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    Thank you Jim... I don't live with my dad but I'm sure he'll tell me about some services.... and thanks for the helplines
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    Well yea I am only 12- but the hospital know about my drinking, as does my mum. And I am getting help... But this lad is doing so much more than I do. I don't drink as much as I used to, and I am trying to stop, in fact I haven't had a drink since I was in hospital- and that was two weeks ago I think. But seriously- this lad needs HELP. I don't think the teahcers or doctors or who ever will help him. I don't want to intrude in his life like that... But I am worried for his safety. He gets paid for rolling his mums fags... and if I told a teacher he'd be put in care or something! And he doesn't need that... I've got friends in care and they all drink aswell.

    Stop drinking, just stop. You should not be drinking at all at your age. Leave it 4 or 5 years before you even start drinking occasionally, alcohol is more damaging in the long run than most illegal drugs but so many people start using it at a young age thinking that legal = safe. If you drink enough to build up a genuine dependence then going cold turkey could end in death. Alcohol is not something to be messed with, and you don't need it to be happy.

    You should talk to him about it. It might surprise you but the weed is the least of your worries, and can be quite beneficial - however, for someone his age there is no reason to use it, he should wait a few years and he'll enjoy it more then. Just talk to him, tell him you're willing to give up drinking if he gives up drinking and smoking. Cigarettes and alcohol do a lot of damage, even to adults, but to people your age the amount of damage they do is scary, and can often be life-threatening. Weed is not a risk and will not cause him harm but cannabinoids are what control memory, and while high he will find it harder to learn, so he should definitely wait until he has finished school.

    Best wishes and if you need any more advice send me a PM :)
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