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35 million Americans living off foodstamps...



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    China is just passing the point of needing the USA ...The Chinese stockmarket is booming ...as is Indias ancd Russias and Brazils ...the wheels have come of already .....
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    The U.K is on the road to hell.
    The U.S ...has a much smaller population as per space and food and most other resources.
    The U'K doesen't have very much to offer this new world situation where all the ships and planes and investments are going to at the moment.
    It doesn't have enough on its own ...to feed and nourish it's own people.
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    You keep saying it, but you've failed to come up with a single example of how any president is a communist. And since no president in the history of the United States has advocated the abolition of private property, you cannot accuse any of them of being communist.

    As far as I am aware Harold Shipman did not advocate murdering his patients but he was certainly accused of such. I conclude that his actions may have had something to do with those accusations.

    (btw Marx advocated the abolition of property in land)
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    If you look at public/private debt to GDP ratios and household/personal debt per person the UK is in worse shape, and % of GDP is more heavily skewed towards financial and "knowledge" based services than most countries including US.....we don't have North Sea oil to fall back on anymore and there's not much else tangible production or manufacturing going on. In fact the only thing propping our currency up recently was as a high interest carry trade swap against yen, chf etc but as this is all unwinding I can't see why anyone would want to be holding £, maybe that's why all the central banks are dumping it in favour of EUR/YEN/USD.

    Of course when the $ collapses it will be more disruptive globally but that's not much comfort domestically if £ is also in the toilet.

    You may well be right, hopefully BP can pull enough oil out of the west of Shetland to help. They just started pumping from there and the field has something like a billion barrels.
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