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I know there is another dress thread but I think this one is a bit different :p.

Basically, it is mine and Rich's three year anniversary on Friday and after all the rubbish that happened a few weeks ago, we've decided to make it special by going out for a meal at a nice-but-not-posh restaurant. I want to wear a dress, but I don't really wear dresses like....ever, so I don't know what would look good on me now I've put on weight.

I need something that will hide my tummy, not too short, not too bright and lary but not too boring either. And appropriate, of course. I'll either be wearing black flat pumps or maybe find some nice heels, and black tights. I am (eugh) a size 16 right now and I am TALL so most dresses that are fairly normal length on most people? Yeh, they show my bum.

I know you guys will be able to help me :D. Online only is fine so long as they do next day delivery.

Thanks guyyyyyyyyyyyyys x


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