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polycystic ovaries the pill and metformin?

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just been to the docs, and i have been told that i don't have PCOS but i do still have polycystic ovaries - so none of the hormal imbalances as such, but still the cysts. I have spoken to my dr and she wants me to change my contraceptive - currently on progestrone only implant to a combined pill as well as taking metformin - which balances blood sugars i've been told as well to help me lose weight - i'm not horrendosly overweight maybe a stone or so, but i cannot shift it.

has anyone had much experiance of this and any idea what kind of pill they might put me on? i've tried 2 before and they gave me problems...


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    Well metformin hasn't helped me lose weight (I have PCOS), as I said to you before, but it has stabilised it. It works wonders for some people.
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    What you're saying doesn't make much sense, in one breathe you say you don't have PCOS and then in the other you say you have the hormonal imbalances which cause PCOS.

    The cause of weight gain and difficulty when trying to lose weight in PCOS women is to a larger extent insulin resistance and then hormonal imbalances. Metaformin helps kick start the weight loss by fixing the insulin resistance but it wont keep it off, for that you need to build up more muscle to increase the low metabolism that pcos gives you. The first time i started taking it, i dropped a stone in a month without any exercise or alteration to my diet, but if i go back on it now...it won't do anything unless im dieting as well.

    As for the combined pill, make sure they put you on dianette as that is the one that is supposed to help most with PCOS.

    To me what your dr has said doesn't make much sense, obviously i'm not an expert but i do know a fair bit about PCOS, the weight gain caused by it and fertility/period issues related to it as i've been through it and still am going through it.
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    i have all the symptoms of PCOS and i have cysts on my ovaries, but i don't have the hormonal imbalances or the insulin resistance - as of yet...

    yet they still want me on metformin, and they have suggested again dianette...

    I'm also very worried, because i'm still on a resonable dose of anti-depressants and still undergoing treatment. i know that it can be a side effect of the pill...

    GPs seem to not really know lots about contracetives when its being used as treatment...
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