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Okies. So I've had this fatty lump on the back of my head since I can remember. Its never once bothered me. Until about a week or so ago. I have horses and ride about 4/5 times a week. After riding one night I had a serious headache that felt like high pressure. I never thought anything about it. Until just the other day i felt my head and realised it was slightly swollen and it was sore to touch. Told Mum about it and decided to see if it was better in the morning. It felt ok so off I went to school. But half way through the day I couldnt think straight. My head was pounding. Mum got me a docs appointment but its not till Monday. Has anyone ever had something similar? or can anyone shed some light as to what it could be? Mum scaring me slightly by telling me it may need to be cut out. I think she forgets I have a major fear of needles and the doctors in general. Sorry for the rambling post Just hoping someone may be able to help. Thanks in advance for any replies. :) Jx


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    Hey NumbThroughFear :wave:

    It's hard to know what it might be but try not to worry until you've seen the doctor. It can be easy to speculate about your health and it doesn't sound like your mum is being quite as supportive as you'd like. Perhaps you could talk to a friend about your fears to get a bit of moral support?

    It's not uncommon to be afraid of the doctors but they really are your best option and they are there to help you and to put you at ease. Good luck tomorrow, hope it goes ok :) *hugs*
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    Try not to worry too much. But i'm afraid you will have to try and be brave and fight your fears of doctors and go to see one as it's always best to check things out especially if it's causing you pain.
    I ride too and i'd imagine your hat probably didn't make the situation any better. I'd make sure your hat fits nicely as well, if it's too tight it'll make any lumps and headaches worse.

    But yes, get your butt to the docs, at least then you can be reassured instead of fretting and worrying x :)
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