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Hi i'm Fam! = D

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I am a college student, I'm 21 going to be 22 years old in a few days and I'm majored in Electrical Engineering at a University two cities over from the one that i commute from. I had a rough time Sophomore year in college and i failed three classes but i made them up over the summer through taking courses to try and catch up. I am planning to graduate from college in the Fall because i only need three more courses (They aren't all the same courses i failed) in order to get my degree. I am not too worried about completing my bachelors degree i know i will be able to do it.

There seem to be some entry level jobs for electrical engineers, they just appear to be very far away from where i live so i'm thinking that my parents will either ship me out far West or i will end up going to college in the spring to start working on a Master's Degree in my field of study. Its kind of a daunting thought that people have to move so far away to find work. But if thats all that is available then i guess you have to just do what you can. I've printed out a lot of different information of available jobs in the area i live and so many of them demand that students have work experience in the field, but so few of them ask for student that don't have any work experience! Does that ever frustrate anyone else?

Thank you, my aim screen name is upopads so if you ever want to talk to me and i'm on you can send me a message from there. :)


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