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Does anybody know any good books, websites or literature that will help me understand (well, TRY to understand!) anorexia.

I am not a sufferer, but the closest person to me is, and spent about 3 months in hospital last year. She has just been admitted again yesterday (she wanted to go in this time to get it sorted once and for all! - just needs that push!).

I try my best to understand, we have talked about everything! Feelings, emotions, the lot - both for her and me! She knows what she needs to do and is doing really really well.

I just want to try understand better!

She has given me a book called "Sticks and Stones" - a diary from someone else with anorexia but anything else anyone could recommend would be great!

Thanks in advance


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    Hey DJ09,:wave:

    Welcome to the forum!Sounds like your being a good mate to a friend who is having difficulties at the moment. Have you looked at some of the information on the site on eating disorders

    Eating diorders can often take time to work through both for the person living with the condition and those who support, so remember to look after yourself in helping her and feel free if you feel comfortable to explore how it is for you here.

    Take care and keep posting:thumb:
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    I should have explained more..

    This is my girlfriend who has gone into hosp - I wasn't with her last time. I didn't know about it when I first met her either, but shortly after we got together she told me everything about the past (because she can't hide something like that in a relationship!).

    It changes nothing between us, as she well knows, and she know's I'll be there for her every single day! We have talked, and I tell her how I feel, etc and its great.

    She is going to America for nearly 3 weeks at the end of August with work and I think that is one of the reasons she wants to make sure she gets herself sorted and on the right track again! That and the fact she had applied to go to University (living about 50 mins away) - something she has since pulled out of and is going to live at home and travel to a closer one!
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    I'm just on a flying visit, will come back tomorrow with more useful stuff.

    In the mean time, Eating Disorder Association, now known as Beat, google should find you, were absolutely fantastically helpful when my best friend was ill.
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    Welcome again!
    I just wanted to say what a great thing it is for your girlfriend that she's got someone like you - that kind of thing can often be a turning point.

    There are lots of articles on the web about helping a loved one with anorexia, but they tend to focus on broaching the subject, getting the other person to open up and persuading them to seek professional help. You and your girlfriend have already achieved all this, obviously, so you're doing amazingly well.

    I do think that this video on TheSite.org, called 'Battle to be Thin', is great for giving an insight into the mindset that anorexia can bring on. I hope it helps! And do keep posting updates if you feel like it, about what you've discovered and how your girlfriend is getting on.
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    Just to say I've been there for about 4 hours today. I've felt able to ask her questions - things that may seem silly to me, but I needed answers.

    An example was I used to tell her how gorgeous she was and it dawned on me that that might not be a good thing to say to her as I didn't want her thinking that the way she is now is what I want her always to be like (if you know what I mean!)

    That aside, she has done really really well today, stuck to her meal plan and more!

    She knows what she needs to do!

    I'm so proud of her!
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