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So i started a new job 3 weeks ago. Its only temp for 3 months, and im working in an office with just the 1 guy, and the rest of the team are in another office. For the first couple of weeks it seemed like he liked me,and then bought me lunch on Monday, then yesterday morning he asked me to go to a gig with him that night, said he didnt want the money for them, and then paid my train fare and also taxi home after. It was from Leeds, and we had to stop at mine before he went on to his house 7/8 miles away so it came to £50 altogether. He didnt want any money whatsoever! We also get on really really well and im now starting to have a few feelings for him and its really weird. Problem is, I have a bf, who ive been with for 5 years, and im happy with. I really dont know what to do. I know my bf is a bit jealous, he wont admit it, but i did feel really guilty for going to the gig with my workmate even though nothing happened :(

Anyone else been in this situation?!


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    Sounds to me it could just be an infatuation. You've been with the same guy for 5 years and are maybe getting itchy feet? Just a question: when was the last time your bf did something like that for you? If you're in the comfortable stage where you don't have to try anymore then getting feelings for this new guy is understandable, as he's been showering you with attention. Give it a couple of weeks and you'll soon be over it, just don't do anything for now, you don't want to risk what you have.
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