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Self-harm support group research

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Hi - We've had the following request from Faye, who is looking into some questions around self harm support.

If you'd like to respond feel free - if you'd feel more comfortable responding in private then her username is Fudge81


Hi, My names Faye and I've been working with thesite.org for last few months as an advisory group member for the new self-harm: recovery, advice and support centre. As a former self-harmer myself and as someone who is now hoping to pursue a career in clinical psychology, I can understand how vital getting the right support can be.

Following my own experiences of attending a self-harm group in the past (coupled with my commitment to challenging peoples ideas of self-harm) I am now in the process of setting up a self-harm group locally. This group would be run within a local health centre and would be run by myself and a health care professional. Although this would most likely start off as a pilot scheme the aim would be to see more groups of a similar nature set up by my local PCT across the borough.

Anyway I would be interested to know the thoughts of anyone here who has experienced self-harm (should they feel comfortable enough to participate) on the following matters:

1) If the opportunity was there for you to attend a self-harm group within your local area would you do so?

2) Have you ever attended a self-harm group? If so was your experience a negative or a positive one?

3) How would you feel about attending a group which was run by a former self-harmer in conjunction with a healthcare professional?

4) Would this make you less likely or more likely to attend?

5) What are your opinions (if any) on the current attitudes of healthcare professionals towards the issue of self-harm?

* At this stage your answers will be merely for my own reference however at a later stage when I might be looking to draw up a research proposal I may need to use some of your answers for purpose of that research. However this will not be done without you first being made aware of this fact and of course any research which was then carried out would be done so according to BPS guidelines.

In advance thank you for your time and participation!


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    Is this anything to do with the self harm support user panel?
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    Nope, it's pure coincidence - the two things are entirely seperate. One is being run by YouthNet and this is a request from a user
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    Hi guys,
    just another appeal by myself. As Jim V has already stated if you would feel more comfortable replying to the above questions in private, rather than in full view on the boards then do feel free to PM me.


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