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Get your teeth into this...

Celebrity personalities

Although I don't personally agree with everything in this rant, some parts did make me lol.


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    Why is PMQs such a meaningless affair? Well, I have no problem with Tories pointing out that Brown is a psychologically defective twat. That much is obvious to anyone who's taken five minutes to look at Brown's political record. [destroying the pensions system, selling gold when the price was at an all-time low, shouting dog-whistle calls such as "British jobs for British workers", his lies over cancelling the election etc etc] There is also the small matter of Gordon Brown being a devious lying cunt. If you asked him what his name was, he would say it was anything other than Gordon. Let's take one example. Currently, he's trying to smear Call Me Dave as "Mr Ten Per Cent" because of the alleged level of cuts the Tories intend to make. It's an easy smear to make, as the Tories have no response to it - it does help to have policies sometimes, Dave. Gordon keeps claiming that Labour will continue to invest money throughout the next few years - the Treasury's own figures show that cuts of around 13% across the board are due to be applied. Brown has repeated this lie so many times that he honestly believes it.

    Rumours about his mental health and wellbeing have been doing the rounds for a long time. Indeed, Alistair Campbell called him a "psychologically flawed" character over ten years ago. (and wrote a revealing post on his blog this week saying that several members of Blair's Cabinet displayed signs of mental illness. I wonder who that was a reference to?) Gordon is a man needs to be fed "news sandwiches", who throws mobile phones at walls when he's in a mood and apparently destroyed a laser printer. He also swears at switchboard operators in Dowing Street, and no amount of bleating in interviews to The Grauniad about being "hurt" will change those facts.

    I think personality is extremely important in politics, especially when you consider that they are in positions of power and influence. Knowing about a person's personality can give an insight into whether they can show good judgement and wisdom. The reason this "cult" has come about is people don't pay attention to what happens in Parliament anymore. So politicians have to get their message into the media via other means. The cult in question is nothing more than a consequence of that. A very welcome consequence, I would argue.
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