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singing and playing guitar tips

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hey all
i'm a realtivly good guitarist and an alright singer and i have written a song, not gonna tell ya how its goes cos it would take ages to explain how its written, plus i would have to copy it all out as its in hand writing which i can just about read even though its mine

anyway, its an acoustic song and i wanna do a video of it where i'm playing guitar and singing same time, i can do them on their own but then when it comes to doing them at the same time it sucks :impissed:
i no that i really have to practise them alot but its annoying cos i just learnt jason mraz i'm yours, simple version of chords but i can sing and play them at the same time which is hard cos the vocals are kinda synocapated with the ryhthm
anyway, i just really asking for some tips on how to learn it a bit quicker and any singing tips would be great as well



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    Just practice practice practice! I had the same problem, still do with the more 'technical' songs. imo it's just a case of learning a song so completely that its just instinct to play/sing it without thinking.
    Just keep it up, you'll get there eventually
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