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Car Accident... ouch!

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Hello everyone.

Well this is my story,

I was waiting at a red light when the person who had just crossed orange wanted to reverse back so he doesnt get stuck in the red light as there was heavy traffic - as is the case on the road at that hour.

He reverses & he goes too fast & doesnt break intime, hitting the license plate of my car with his tow bar - making a shallow dent. His car seemed fine from what I saw. We exchanged details as normal & i said I dont mind the dent, since it's an old car , not going to bother fixing it.

Then I get a call from him a day or so later asking for my insurance details. I refused & he said he will tell his insurance company who will see to it that he gets his car fixed by my insurance.

He claims that I hit him and that not only his tow bar but also the boot of his car is damaged due to the impact - which i found amusing.

Anyways that was the last i heard of him, until I got a letter from his insurance agency a couple of months later asking me for my insurance details because they believe that i am liable for the accident.

What can I do about this?

I didnt take note of any witnesses, except the passenger in his car which was his colleague, also we didnt call the police at the time. He apparently reported it to the police a day or so later.

I am actually starting to stress now. So would appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance.


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    You should just get in touch with your own insurance company and have them handle it, which is what they are there for after all. Clearly he is just trying it on, but by the same token his own insurance company will try to protect their side of things.

    You were not required to report the incident to the police, though you are required to give your insurance company name.
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    Hmm, Kinda tricky one here but yes pass it to your own insurance, I guess this is american by the way the post is written, if not sorry, however I'm pretty sure the same rules apply

    If not go on judge judy (sorry it was just on TV)
  • Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up? Posts: 16,688
    It's also a good idea (if you need it in the future, which you hopefully won't) to take a photo of how both cars were just after the incident. For all you know someone else crashed into him badly soon after it, and he's trying to tell people you did it.
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