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Science grade plummited

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Long story short ive totally fucked up my investigation which contributes to my overall final grade. Im getting worried that i wont get to do psychology or get into college because of this and im not really getting any support of friends

please help, thanks. or give advice :P


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    Not got much to say other than that I did exactly the same thing. What percentage of the total marks is it worth and how have you done one module tests (do you still do those? I know it's changed a bit since I did my GCSEs!)

    Do well on the exam and all will be fine :)

    Oh, and at my 6th form you didn't need science to do psychology, they wanted you to have a good grade in English instead so might be alright anyway, obviously don't know the full ins and out of your situation.
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    hmmm, if you was on the same exam board that i was on last year that i did my GCSEs, it counts for about 25% right?
    I wouldnt worry :) If it works for the same as it did for me, (i think this applies if your doing double science) you do three investigations and they only send off the two highest. I actually got moved up to triple and therefore they have to take in account all three of my invesigations....i got 2 A's and a D i think, chemistry was never my strongest :rolleyes:
    Are you doing single, double or triple science? or am i makin no sense what so ever? :P
    Anyway, if your worried about not getting into college, most colleges except you on 5 GCSEs, English and Maths are needed. And if you need to take a year out to re-do your GCSEs it probally the best. I cant begin to tell you how many people that go to my old 6th form, have use their first year of A-levels to come to terms what they want to do, and about 40% of them are going back to do subjects/other qualification that suit them better.
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