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Just need help (about eating problems)

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    Hey pieceofme, :wave:

    You have done so well to get your post down and vent how you are feeling at the moment. Please do not apologise for starting a new thread - this is what The Site is here for. We never consider any thread to be boring or annoying.

    It sound's like you have quite a lot going on for you at the moment. I can see that you have posted quite a bit, so you may be familiar with our information pages - but in case you're not - you may want to check out the pages on eating disorders, body image and self esteem[/URL] and looking after yourself. These can often help to identify solutions to problems, or just think about things a little more.

    You may also want to look at the Beat website. They are an organisation that supports people with eating disorders. They have a helpline too, so you can call them on 0845 634 1414, but they are not open all the time, so check out the website for the details. If you did want to talk to someone confidentially outside those hours - you could also try the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90.

    It can be hard to define and place people into categories when it comes to eating problems as the eating problems can be as unique as the person themselves. What is really positive is that you have identified yourself as having a problem, and have also identified which of your behaviours are messing with your insides, and ultimately your life and relationship.

    You may want to speak honestly with your GP about the combination of pills / substances that you are taking and how you are feeling? They may be able to suggest some ways to stop this behaviour and get some support - if that is what you want to do?

    It sound's like your relationship with your boyfriend is strained due to the fixation you have with your body. Have you been honest with him about how you feel? How do you feel about the chance you may split up? Having some time apart may allow you to concentrate on making yourself feel better about yourself?

    Chasing the 'perfect size' is like chasing a rainbow. Striving to achieve the goal of liking yourself a bit more is maybe more realistic? It can be achieved, step by step, with support from the places / people mentioned above, those around you and of course from The Site.

    Please keep posting - take care :)
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    i'm 19, and have suffered from anorexia nervosa for a number of years

    i've wasted the past 3 years of my life in and out of a psych hospital

    please get help. see your GP. get a referral to a psychiatrist. also, see a dietitian, they can weigh you and give you a meal plan to slowly increase you caloric intake

    recovery is a long and difficult process but i will never give up because i know the fight is worth it!

    relapses are part of recovery... dont let them get you down

    be completely honest with your therapist/s... you only get out of the session what you put in

    but yes, most important.. get help!!

    please feel free to PM me, EDs are a very lonely and isolating illness and it's always comforting to know that you are not alone

    sending all my :heart: and hugs
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    guitargirls right, EDs are horrible and as a previous suffer of anorexia nervosa and now present bulimia nervosa suffer you need to and deserve to get the help you need before its too late. I really would keep persivering with the Dr's and make sure you do get heard. Good luck =]
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