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Alistair Darling - you are a twat. Or...



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    Kermit wrote: »
    I guess it's unfortunate that this Government doesn't have the balls to rescind British citizenship to people who refuse to pay their way.
    ShyBoy wrote: »
    here here

    I am curious as to how you two gentleman quantify "pay their way" ?

    Legally obligated taxes ? A specific payment for a specific service ? Or something else altogether ?
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    As far as I'm aware, there is no tax on food you produce with your own resources for your own consumption. There is no tax on fixing your own plumbing with pipes that you have made yourself from scratch. The second you try to sell that for money provided by a state-run financial system, you get taxed.

    What if the hypothetical individual traded the produce for tangibles, and avoided the state run financial system ?

    Would you regard action of that nature as a "loophole" ?
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    Budget for growth; that's a joke...


    This budget does nothing more than keeps Labour ticking over; it's largely meaningless.

    Taxing alcohol; an industry that is in the same level of decline as the British car industry was in the late 70's. Scanking extra cash here won't get the Tax man much as tax receipts from alcohol are falling.!!

    Same for smokers..!! falling receipts..!

    Hitting the 150k earners; this will be aimed at those on P.A.Y.E @ £150k a year (not that many, right now); those who are not PAYE, are not going to declare thier earnings at 150k + now; not if they've got any sence.

    Fuel tax.... bbbbbb BINGO!! here's something, not even the most modest of earners can avoid, if they need to car or have to take public transport to get to work.. SO, in times of financial difficulty; we need a more flexible work force and personal/public travel is the only means of getting a truely flexible work force.... Well done, 'Darling' hit them right where it hurts; make personal and public travel more expensive, thus reducing how flexible workers can be.

    Brown an idiot; only held in check by the former Prime minister 'Blair'.
    Darling an incompetent, lead by an idiot... no wonder we are in this level of trouble.

    Global problem, yes!! but created by Globally idiotic and incompetent leaders... These fools don't have clue; what to do!!

    AND now the Tories want to cut public spending; that old chesnut! That will lead to job losses in the public sector and like it or not the NHS is the single biggest employer in the country and 4th largest on the planet; start cutting jobs here and watch the tax receipts fall and then watch the real problem begin.

    Our nation was re-adjusting in the eighties; in to a nation of 'small businesses'...... these type of businesses cannot return the tax receipts we need to grow our way out of this MASSIVE problem...

    Brace yourself people this is going to be bumpy but we've been here before and will be again; if we continue to believe that its either Capitalism or Socialism and not the best of both.

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