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Heylo! :wave:

As some of you may know, Im currently travelling through Asia - and am currently in Thailand!

Having a wonderful time, but seeing as my Thai visa is running out in 9 days, I figure it best that instead of applying for an extension like I originally planned to do, Ill head into Malaysia instead for 2-3 weeks before flying out from Singapore to Bali :)

Unlike all of the other countries so far, I know absolutely nooothing about malaysia whatsover. Ive been to Penang on holiday for a week about 8 years ago - and I plan on going back - but other than that I have no idea what places are good to see or go to in this country!

I intend on buying a travel guide at some point to help me plan my route, but seeing as the islands im currently on dont really have any shops, theres no way of me getting one until I actually get into the country :impissed: annoying

Has anyone here been before and recommend any nice places to go?!! Im a fan of everything - love relaxing on the beach, but also love a bit of sightseeing!! If anyone has any advice It would be muuuchly appreciated! :D


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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I'm going to Malaysia for a couple of weeks on my way back to Britain.

    You should definately check out Kuala Lumpur... apparantly it's awesome. Alot more westernised than Bangkok, but much dirter and traditional than Singapore.
    Other highlights that I've been told about, are Taman Negara National Park and the Cameron Highlands. The National Park is apparantly the largest and oldest real tropical rainforest that's left in the whole of Asia.
    If it's history and cultureis you're looking for, towns like Ipoh, Taiping and Georgetown are the places to go. Georgetown is on the Penang island.
    I've heard the most beautiful islands are the Tioman islands in the south east though. I'm definately going to be spending in a while there! :D
    If you're there for 3 weeks, you may have enough time to catch a short flight over to the Malaysian part of Borneo. I'd love to go there, but 2 weeks isn't long enough. That's where you'll find the Borneo Oranatan and other animals that can't be found anywhere else in the world. It's been described as being like Jurassic Park.
    Have you been to Singapore yet? That's always worth popping over the border for a couple of days aswell, awesome city.
    I'm not sure how you plan on travelling to Malaysia from Thailand? But I strongly reccomend you fly to Kuala Lumpur via Asia Air as crossing the border is very dangerous and you could find yourself stuck as the roads are often closed or blocked by Police. This is due to Muslim extremists in the south of Thailand.
    Have fun though, let me know how you find Malaysia! I won't be there until August. :thumb:
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    I've been abeit ummm in about 1991 so it might have changed lots - we went to KL which was great and which i really liked and then up to tamar negara and went on a long boat up the river and then trecking we stayed overnight and got t tiny plane back to KL - however i personally decided i didn't really like trecking in rainforests as its just tooo damn hot and sticky.

    Then we went to bali and got a sailing boat and sailed though the indonesian islands and then flew up to borneo - after a bit of a sticky moment at the indonesian boarder where they decided they might not let us out (we had to go to the house of the boarder offical and drink soda with him whilst we discussed exactly how much over time he would have to do in order to sort out our visa's) we were allowed into the malaysian part - it was nice we went to see the orangutangs and mount kinabalu though we didnt' climb up it which your supposed to do at dawn and generally hung out on the beach. Last time i looked flights between the mainland and the borneo bit wern't that expensive so its worth tryign to get there as well.

    I've also always wanted to go to penang and the cameroon highlands - fingers crossed i will one day - i want to stay in a hotel in george town called the pacific and orient which looks great.
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    Thanks very much for the suggestions!!

    I arrived in Langkawi this morning and it seems like a very nice island!! A lot more commercialised than most of the thai islands (obviously!!), but not on the same level as phuket (hated it!!) and the beach im on is lurvely, so im happy :yes:

    I was surprised to be given a 90 day stamp in my passport on arrival which gives me a lot more time than i thought id have! Ill probably spend about 30-35 days here before heading to bali i reckon.

    I hadnt thought of going to the Cameron or Tioman islands, but I think i may check them out!!!
    Singapore and kuala lumpur are on my list also - looking forward to KL especially!! My parents went there recently and said it was really nice.

    For some reason I thought borneo was part of indonesia - so thanks for clearing that up! Now that i know its in malaysia ill definately be heading there - always wanted to see the orangutans!!

    Still havent got myself a travel guide yet so ill be getting one of them later today to plan my offical route :)

    Ill let you know what the places are like pill'ed and advise you where to go - and not go of course!!
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    Borneo is split into three countries Indonesia, at the bottom, Malaysia at the top and the kingdom of Brunei which is a bit to the left, so you could concievably easily go to the malaysian bit of borneo last and then head straight over into indonesia - but when i went abeit a very long time ago there were problems with entering and exiting indonesia via different ports (hence our need to pay a hefty bribe to leave) so you would have to check
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