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Guys: How often do women show interest in you?



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    I've hardly ever had girls interested in me in a social environment, maybe thats because I'm a big loud mouthed cunt that was always overly drunk and probably talking the biggest loads of bollocks.

    However when they do pay any attention or showing interest it seems to be either when I'm walking down the street or getting served at a store/ship shop wherever it may be.

    I would probably take one of these chances some day, just not yet.
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    THAT IS THE BEST! :heart:
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    Personally, I wouldn't reccomend bars or clubs as the greatest places to find actual romance. Unfortunately for the girls, ALOT of the guys who try to buy you drinks e.t.c, are only after one thing. Luckily there are girls who go out looking for that too, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. One night stands are fine. I've pulled a fair few girls in bars, and it never goes anywhere, that's fine because I wasn't looking for a relationship and neither were they.
    I'm sure there are guys and girls who go out to clubs, looking to find romance, and I wish them all the best. But personally I've found clubs great places to meet girls for a bit of fun - a pull, a shag, maybe even a few dates. But how often does it go any further than that?
    I've met all my girlfriends through friends of friends e.t.c, or in the most recent case, I met her in a hosel and we travelled together as friends for a while first.
    As for girls being interested in me? Doesn't happen as much as I'd like, but it happens from time to time. It's funny actually, my girlfriend gets lots of attention from dude's when we go out, but on St Patrick's day, I had this prettty little blonde girl after me all night. I have to admit, I lapped up the attention! :D
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    Andy_46 wrote: »

    So fucking what?? ..... yeah, you sound like the kind of person that would be happy sleeping with someone on the first date. I'm not like you though i'm afraid.

    :lol: Yup. There's nothing wrong with it at all, as long as you're both cool with it, and in a fit state. No regrets.

    But yes, as Franki pointed out, you chose to ignore my advice at the end of my post. It's a very valid point, and I think you should take heed. :yeees:
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