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I'm soo confused, what should I do

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I had a fling with a guy on the same course with me last summer. Anyway after class last weekend, the group went to the pub as usual and I left early to go to a friends party and later joined them in the evening, (crap party). Whilst talking to him, out of nowhere he wanted to know why I didn't speak to him as much as I used to, and that he felt hurt after the fling because he really liked me and felt used. I told him I liked him but went for another guy as I thought that he didn't fancy me.
He told me he always fancied me and really wanted to go out with me and now he's gutted because he has a girlfriend and loves her but did and still does like me. Is it worth going for him as I do like him? or should I forget it or is he toxic? Plus, I have to add that his girlfriend is married and he's 32 and 22. I really like him but is he toxic?


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