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Two Faced Friends

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Well i have this friend, and until recently i would have called her my best friend, but now im not so sure. Theres another girl in our class, who i cant stand at all, and she is the reason we're growing apart.
The girl is so mean to me when my other friend is not around, constantly putting me down and telling me how bad i am at everthing, and as soon as my other friend turns up, she will act like she loves me, so when i try and tell my friend about her, she doesnt believe me and she thinks the girl can do no wrong. Whenever my friend is around this other girl, she acts totaly different, and will say things to me that can be hurtful that i dont think she would normaly say. They walk of and leave me to be alone, and its really annoying me. My other friends have tried hinting to them that they are acting wierd, because my other friends dont like the girl or the way my best friend acts around her, but it does no good, she egnores it and carries on.
I dont understand, we used to be so close, and now that this girl is getting in the way i dont know whats happening. Im to afraid to confront my friend about it, because if i do im scared that she will hate me for it or act like she doesnt know what im talking about.
Im just wondering if anyone had gone through a similar situation and knows what to do?
Advice on how to confront my friend or how to sort this out would be a real help, thanks :)


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