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Advice - Can I go back?

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Hello, I started a nursing Diploma back in 2002 and completed and passed almost all three years to 2005, including all placements. I did not complete the last semester due to several issues at the time and left uni with nothing.
Now, I know it has been a long time, but do the 120 credits year 1, 120 credits year 2 and the 60 for year 3 count for anything?
Does anyone think those years were watsed and I would have to start again, even though the modules are still the same.
Thanks for any opinions!:)


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    Hey I think you have a 3 year window in which you can go back and complete your studies anything after than and you have to start again.

    A woman had to take a year and a half out and re joined my cohort in the 2nd year to carry on and complete.

    To check I would phone up the university.

    Just to add alot of unis have changed to the new programmes so paperwork, assesments etc have changed so that may be a factor too
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