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Private Landlord's Responsibilities re Repairs

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I work for a local authority and have had a couple approach us for assistance with housing as they have had to leave their private tenancy. The flat they were occupying has been flooded from the upstairs neighbour's washing machine and is currently uninhabitable. The lettings agent/landlord initially put the couple up in a hotel (at our prompting) but have told them today that they have no responsibility to do so any longer and that they should go to the Council as homeless. Although the tenants have been served with a section 21 notice, this does not expire until April and it is our belief that the landlord does have a responsibility to provide accommodation whilst the repairs are carried out.

Can anyone confirm this, quoting the appropriate legislation, case law etc?


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    Surely if you work for the council/Local authority you should have your legal department dig up the legislation with regards to this and not some website? and if you work in housing you should probably have access/know this already.
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