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Sense holidays.

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Anybody else going to/have done so in the past, voluteered to help on a Sense Blind/Deaf holiday? :)


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    I used to work for Sense in the International Section (which is a separte but affilated chaity) - but i didnt' get round to going on one of the holidays before i left - I did however get to visit lots of sense centres and meet lots of deafblind people in the UK and overseas - i've also got a CADCAP Deafblind Support workers qualification.

    The main thing i can tell you is that my colleagues who went on the holidays found the very rewarding and you get to meet a whole range of different people both deafblind people and volunteers. It also looks great on your CV.

    However deafblind people have a very wide range of abilities and issues - this depends on weather they have any associated conditions and a lot on how old they were when they became deafblind. Some people do display challenging behaviour as they don't have the same language skills as the rest of us and find it hard to express themselves. Others will use a variety of different methods to communicate - which could mean sign language or braille or deafblind manual which is a type of sign language, so it can often take quite a long time to communicate to everyone in the room.

    But dont' let that put you off one of the best experiences of my life was taking a group of young deafblind colombians on the dodgems at a fun fair!
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    There are some deafblinds who will have a little bit of sight or hearing.

    Wytery - that sounds brilliant.
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