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Apprenticeships and Minimum Wage

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Hi guys, I'm a little confused as to where I stand so any advice would be helpful.

Basically I started working at an accountants as an apprentice in September 2007. At this point I was 18 and was on £7000 p/a.

I was with training 2000 who said that the lowest an apprentice could be paid at that point was £87.01 per week (fine by me)

Anyway in January 2008 I realised I was being taken advantage of as I wasn't starting the apprenticeship course in the lowest level (I had A-Levels so was able to enter at the 2nd year) So I was given a payrise taking me up to £8000 p/a.

On 17th Feb 2008 I turned 19, and I have now been with the company for 16 months. I'm still on £8000 p/a and work 37.5 hours per week (Making my wage about £4.10 per hour.

Someone told me that if you are over 19, after one year of your apprenticeship you have to be paid national minimum wage (£4.77 per hour) This might not sound like a lot but it's over £1000 difference over the year!

Can anyone offer any advice?



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