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Giving him the right impression

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Girls, how do you go about not coming on too strongly with a new guy. Its a general assumption that girls dont like to sleep with a guy straight away so they dont seem easy... I dont really have a huge problem with it as long as i've known the guy long enough before.

Anyway, I've been texting this guy for a while now and known him a few months (this is G from previous post for those who read it :yippe:) and we've talked about sex and stuff and cant meet up properly for a 'date' if you like, for a couple of weeks.

When we're talking about it he sometimes makes suggestions about 'would you want to come back to mine after' and stuff like that. I dont have a massive problem with sleeping together straight away cos i know him pretty well but if it was going to happen i'd rather it be spontaneous rather than him expecting it.

So, girls, how do you go about giving a guy this impression cos i have no idea what to say to either not completely turn him off the idea, or expect to much about the idea (if that makes sense). So far i'm just dealing with it by joking around.


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    If you want to keep it spontaneous then go with that, stick to the approach you've used so far, there's nothing wrong with it. Go for the date and if he starts asking early on about going back to yours/his play it cool keep joking around a bit then if you want to at the end of the date make your move. As far as I'm concerned if a guy takes me out he wants to spend time with me and get to know me a bit. If he just wants a quick one off I'd be giving him the number for an escort agency. :naughty: He shouldn't need the guarantee of sex from the start of the date - where's the fun in that? :flirt:
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    Nah I know that he's not just after a one off as he's said alot about how he'd like for us to be close and him being excited about the prospect of us being a couple - at least i hope that what he's saying is true!
    I dunno why I'm worried bout it to be honest... thinking about it, it doesnt even seem like theres anything to be worried about, i guess its just the nerves of first date and first time sex with a new partner and stuff.

    By the way, i know i said the post was directed at girls but guys feel free to answer as well :)
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    Yeah as flibbertygibbert (that's a mouthful) said, play it cool. If he says something like...."So are you staying at mine tonight {date night}?" - Hit back with, "Oh I dunno, it depends if your good boy or not doesn't it" say it in sexy manner. Don't back yourself in a corner if you're unsure!

    You wanna give him the impression that, yeah 'there's a high chance your willy may be in my mouth tonight but don't count your chickens just yet, you can still fuck it up buddy' :p

    Keep him on he's toes but do it in sexy nice manner. You fancy shagging him so go for it, just make sure he's not rushing you!
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