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renting from the devil can anyone help :(

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hey, im here to ask for any kind of help or advice because im either going to go insane or rip someones head off with anger due to my problems with my accomodation and landlord.

firstly we dont know who our landlord exactly is, we've got 3 names on the contract and when we contact one of the names he refuses to give us the owners details even though he wont solve anything for us.
we've also got an onsite landlord/handyman who refuses to do anything and when we made a complaint about a noisy neighbour (hes been playing loud music every weekend from october to present til 3am every morning) thr landlord/handyman replied 'what do you want me to do' and also refused to help us.

we've got a gate to the carpark which is broken and ive had to push it open several times while leaving the car running (im a 20 year old who weighs less than the gate and yes it isnt safe to leave your car engine running around our area) but i needed to get to work, they wont sort that out.

our tv signal also went down three weeks ago and they refuse to sort it even though were paying tv license and stuf, we had to cancel sky because we got no signal through and when we asked if they could fix the problem they said 'we'l only do something once we get more complaints' we know several complaints have been made yet nothing has been done.

also the windows haven't been cleaned in years even though we pay for it in our rent, theres damp in the hallways and there moss all over the pathways which ive slipped on several times and hurt myself.

we think were stuck in this hell hole til march, i want to get out now as im depressed, have insomnia and i cant tolerate living there much longer, does anyone know anything that could help us, maybe ways to get out of contracts or people to contact, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, ta


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    Write all this down in a letter, make it very formal listing all the complaints and explain that you are writing because numerous verbal complaints have already been made and no action has been taken. Make it clear that unless sufficient action is taken you will take legal action against them. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself and send one copy by recorded delivery to the letting agent and/or landlord if you have any contact details for any of the names you've got.
    Do not withold any payments from them as this will be a breach of contract and puts you in the wrong just as much as them, can't hurt to shy away from paying for as long as possible though.

    ETA: Just found this: Clickity, might be useful
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    yeh we've thought about holding a payment til the landlord rings us that way he'l talk to us because they all ignore phone calls and we feel holding a payment back might get them to contact us, id love to write a letter but have no address what so ever to send it to which kind of puts us in a spot, probably will read through the contract again and see if theres an address in the small print, thanks for your help
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    As long as you don't withhold it past the payment deadline as you would then be breaching contract yourself. 'Model' tenants are very much within the law and their rights to expect that the landlord keeps to the terms of the original contract if you're both in the wrong however your case would be thrown out without so much has a second glance
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    we've never missed a payment and my boyfriend is a debt collector so would never dream of getting behind or failing to pay anything so thats fine, we did however get charged because we asked the landlord to change the direct debit date and he didnt for two months so we got charged we finally kickd up a bit of a fuss and he got us the direct debit madate the very next day, its surprising what they can do once they set there minds to it, we all just feel helpless, when ever you call someone with a problem they shift you onto the next person who also shifts you and before you know it your back where your started, we never know who to ask for anything, cant wait to move out, may just leave and continue tto pay til the end we might end up paying two lots of rent but at least we'd be out of that place :(
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    No idea if this little trick would work with your landlord but for mine/ours (joint tenancy) whenever we let the letting agent know there is a problem we also just get fobbed for ages so now we just constantly bug them until they do fix it. We've had days where my entire flat will call/go and see the agent to complain numerous times a day. Eventually they just get annoyed with you getting on at them all the time and sort out the problems.
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    Surely most people have their rent set up as a standing order rather than a direct debit, I always have anyway.
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    How are you renting the property? Is it through a private landlord or through an agency?

    Holding payments will put you in breach of your contract without a doubt.

    You could contact your local citizen advice bureau or contact your local council.

    Hope this helps?
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    find somewhere else to live. dont pay the last months rent, and then it doesnt matter if you get your deposit back or not
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    I had a similar problem at the start of the July however we were luckly enough to live round the corner from our landlord but she was very evasive and used 3 names. I'm a student so we went to our accomodation office who got in touch and then got us in touch with legal support. It was something I'd never wish to repeat. I had to do a re sit exam, sort the flat and find a new flat in the space of about two weeks.
    I think the citizen advice is probably the best place to start they will be able to offer help, point you in the right direction and they're always good at listening which always helps in stressful situations. They will have dealt with cases like yours before and will be able to reassure you.
    Have you started looking for a new flat yet? It will help if you have to move out quickly and also it gives you something positive to look forward to as I know it can be hard to think past the situation, it feels like it will never stop.
    Hope this helps a bit!
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