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"temporary Tatooo" Now Over 10 Years So Dark!

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I had a "supposed to be" temporary tattoo over ten years ago. I went to a place where a friend had been & got a nice tattoo.

I seem to be fated. First she put my transfer on the wrong way round & started before I realized my music notes where going to be the wrong way round! So I had tiny lines in the wrong place. She assured me this was a temporary tattoo, 6-18 months (so I didn't panic). She also said those tiny lines would go very quickly. She then went on to do the rest. Not good! The outline was much too thick, my little hearts were a blur & I had to get her to re-do the red on the larger heart as it was so pale!

I wasn't happy & realized that anyone can say they are a tattoo artist & really not be capable. I do realize, you need to find "an excellent artist" Wish I had known that then. I never thought anyone would dare do something they were not good at. It's like advertising as a hairdresser, having never been trained!

I didn't panic too much. Thought, let it fade away (I had already had my eyebrows tattooed) they disappeared in "less than six months" & cost a fortune!

Well here we are more than ten years later, it is still as black as black can be? No chance to get it re-done its not good & I am very upset. What I don't understand is... My partner has tattoos "from very good well known people" not as old as mine & they are that horrid Blue/Grey already. Also very disappointing. Having them re-done is fine, but your skin changes in ten years. A little softer & so the lines tend to become blurred & a little too close together for even re-touching.

Often see the programs & mags with huge brightly colored tattoos, which look wonderful but like the blacks fade to a boring pale! See guys walking around with masses of bluish tats that look awful.

Some months ago we met a guy who had nearly a whole body tat in the "most wonderful colors you could imagine" had them done over thirty years ago in Japan, even those on his hands neck & exposed areas, had not changed from those always covered up.?

My niece is about to have a fairly large very brightly colored tattoo done across her lower back. Is there anything we can do to make sure this isn't going to end up like all these disappointing others? After all, my so called temporary tattoo, is as bright as the day she did it,& I have done everything I can to try to fade it "including neat bleach in a moment of sheer anger!"

Many years ago, I had an art shop & I know a little about pigments & the fact that there are the cheap synthetics & excellent high quality real ones. Is there no way to search out someone who really uses the best & makes a real effort to achieve longevity?

Would be very grateful of any help. Thanx Sam


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    Hey there,
    The threas you posted in was from 2006 - so have moved it so you have your own thread. :)
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    Thank You

    Thanx ill get this PC thing one day! Sam
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