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contemplating a tattoo...

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im keen. and when i say keen, im not thinking about getting one every second of the day. so maybe im not keen enough to get something thats gonna last for the rest of my life? having said that, i do have a tendancy to be rather spontanenious e.g getting belly button pierced, going blonde. and i loved the results of those so i think id feel the same way with a tattoo.

im just worried that the tattoist will make a mistake or that itll hurt sooooo much :s i also want to make sure i have a decent tattooist do it.... feedback?


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    I say just do it. Don't think about it just go. But do honestly make sure you find somewhere good and recommended - wish I had found somewhere a bit better really but spontanuity got the better of me.

    When I go to get some more added to mine when Im home at christmas I will be going to a very well recomended place.
    As for the pain factor - well. I am a COMPLETE wimp with pain and I was like squinting as I was sat there waiting for him to start but it honestly is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It doesn't feel like a needle at all, just a nasty scratching sensation. Put it this way, I'm going back to get more done to mine like 5/6months after getting it done so it can't be that bad!
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    yeah! people have described the pain the way you just have. im also a wuss with pain! well not so much pain, its the leading up to it! what tatt have you got? i would like one on my lower back.
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    to be honest, go for it :) ive got 3 tats and i absolutley adore them [althiugh ive been 'in the chair' 4 times, one of them was a cover-up]

    my number one piece of advice is this -
    go sometwhere that has a very good reputation, not some back-alley studio that does cheap ink, chances are they arent legal and if they are then they dont carry out proper sterilisation techniques and dont really care.
    i have also found out that alot of cowboy's work is atrocious! [hence, why i got my first tat covered, my haste and spontanuity clouded mybetter judgement]

    and yes, depending on where you get it, it does hurt, but not majorly, i found that it felt more warm than painful :) and as soon as its over, you completley forget about the pain! and you want another! :D:D

    remember -
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