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old boy remake

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I Am Legend writer Mark Protosevich is in talks to pen the high-profile remake of the Korean thriller Oldboy being developed by Steven Spielberg and Will Smith, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

If signed, the deal would reunite Smith with Protosevich - they worked together on the $584m-grossing (£388m) science fiction blockbuster. Spielberg is expected to direct the project, which centres on a man imprisoned in a grubby cell for 15 years for no apparent reason. Once freed, he is given money, clothes and a mobile phone and sets out to discover who stole his life from him in order to take revenge.

Park Chan-wook's original 2003 film has developed cult classic status following its debut at Cannes in 2004, where jury president Quentin Tarantino unsuccessfully tried to persuade his fellow panellists to award it the Palme d'Or.

Spielberg and Smith are said to have been searching for a project on which to collaborate for a number of years. The Oscar-winning film-maker secured the remake rights through his DreamWorks company prior to its highly publicised split with Paramount two months ago.


Having googled it more it seems that it isn't a remake..just based on the graphic novel..? Hmmm... Bad news me thinks


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    Fucking travesty if you ask me and apparently they're remaking Karate Kid with Will Smith's son in the lead role. :rolleyes: Is nothing sacred anymore ffs. :D
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    I've got the comics. There not a bad read.

    Anyway, I think provided they don't go mad with CGI and special effects as well as keeping some scenes (if they will use anything from the original film) exactly the same. Its not likely though.
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