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Struggling to keep up with reading

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Hi guys

Just wnted to get this off my chest and maybe some insight from other students whove been through it!

Basically I have my books and read a bit now and then but we are expected to read so much! And I don't know how I can keep up. I am pretty lazy if I'm honest and read maybe a chapter COMBINED a week so far lol even though I'm supposed to be doing one or two chapters for each module from several different books. I am fairly busy already, with work / societal duties and that stuff. But when I have reading to do, I want to put it off and play a computer game or something. But when for the weekend I've organised a LAN party and get there all I do is sit there with my hood up feeling a bit ill and playing a single player game :p rather than 'properly' playing games. So if I've nothing to do I'll be bored but if I have something to do I'll play games or do something else like go on the internet or something.

Last night I did a good chunk of reading, it was cold so I sat down in front of the fire and read loads on corporate governance. But I find as soon as I sit down at my desk it's 1pm and I've been playing PC games or browsing youtube or coming on here or some other activity that has burned away the time.

On the flipside, if I did do the reading religiously then I probably wouldn't have any time to myself except weekends. How do you strike that delicate balance? Or should you just not strike a balance and try to go all out with work and reading in order to give yourself the best chance in later life? Last year I was thinking 'degree doesnt really matter' and got a 2.2 but this year scarily I'm starting to get interested and realising that the more I put in the more I will get out.

This doesn't count because I'm at work :p (I'm an 'intern' which looks good on my CV but really I'm just a receptionist who does extra stuff on the side like looking after the web page and stuff)


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    Hey ShyBoy :wave:

    So, how's it all going? Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling disheartened about where you’re at with all your reading. It can be tough keeping up. From what you’ve said though, it sounds like you’re battling between quite a few different things. You say that you’re getting more interested in your studying which is great, but you also say that you'd just rather play computer games. Don't beat yourself up about it too much, it's only natural sometimes espeically if you're tired or you've had a really busy day the last thing you want to do is study.

    Different people manage things in different ways but it sounds like you got a lot done when you sat down in front of the fire and really focused on it. Getting yourself into a nice comfortable situation with no easy distractions is a really good idea. Get a nice cup of tea or something and go and sit well away from the computer to avoid the distraction. Plan to do half an hour or an hour and then have a break.

    Trying to do all the suggested reading is often near impossible, and if it’s not something that comes naturally it can be hard to get motivated, especially when you have a social life and a job.

    Maybe try and get in to a routine where you dedicate certain days or evenings to reading. Once you get in to it you’ll find it easier, it’s making that initial jump from feeling a lack of motivation to actually just getting stuck in and doing it regularly.

    Like you say though, the more you get in the more you’ll get out and your studies will be so much more worthwhile. I hope it gets easier :)
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    I force myself to start, with a cut off time when I will allow myslf to stop if I'm bored- sometimes I stop, sometimes I'm engrossed and carry on. If I'm taking a break to facebook or just do something else but want to carry on studying, I set another time limit on the fun... I also give myself rewards like, if I do an hour now, I can eat a cookie, go outside and play, fanny about on internet afterwards.
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    I always seem to get engrossed in my work as I have this 'must complete' mentality, but it is completely starting. I came in the computer room 20 minutes ago to do some quick reading... (studying with a friend after she brings me a sandwich!) and ended up spending the time on here :p

    Last night I was making a spreadsheet to help me cheat at this IBM University Business Challenge thing though (basically I've plugged in the trial set of data, worked out how they 'simulate' the business environment, and so have worked back so it tells you what values you want to put in to get what out - amazing!)
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    I just read what I need, skim the rest. I know you are supposed to read everything and I do try to get a grasp of most of it but at the end of the day I feel like passing is the important thing. I don't always stick to the reading list either, if I find a book with the same topic/info that is written in a way I can understand easily I use it. I won't struggle with a book just because its on the list even if it is the core text.

    Maybe look at what you need to read and when you need it for?
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    I massively recommend taking your uni work away from a computer whenever possible. Looking up articles on the internet is grand, but I'm the same. For example right now I should be editing my dissertation, but I have to do it on the computer, which has wireless internet.
    Anywho, when I can do reading away from the computer I do. Turn your laptop off, take it (or your books) to another room. If you find stuff online, print it off instead.
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    i completely sympathise i've just got into final year and really wanna push to do everythin the way they say you should and not do just the bare minimum. the problem is though i jus keep pushing even when i've been faffing all night to get wot i set out to do done and this week i've literally hardly slept or ate because of it. I think the fact youve relasied its a problem is half the battle and all the advice sounds good setting small goals always works but dont make them too small and dont reward yourself too much cos it will loose the positive effect
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    I'm just as bad with my college work. :(
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