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Me and my boyfriend want to get into shape and because of money/time issues jogging seems to best option. We want to run a short amount every day. We're not very fit at the moment so I don't want to die the first time and then never do it again! What's the best way of building ourselves up? Should we just start with power walking and build it up to jogging? And how long should we walk/jog for a day to see results?



  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    If you're both starting from fresh i wouldn't advise going head on into running straight away. I'd also not do it everyday. Your body needs a break. The ideal thing is to aim for 30 minutes of good exercise 4/5 times a week. I'm not an expert but from personal experience i'd start with trying to do 4 times a week of 30-40 mins walking. Gradually incoporate a little big of slow jogs into this. If it makes it easier walk 10 mins, jog 10 mins, then walk the last 10 and break it down. The fitter your bodies get the more jog work you can bring into it. Your bodies will tell you when they're ready. No point launching straight into running as chances are you'll hurt yourself or put yourself off by being too unfit.
    Just remember to always warm up first. If you're going to run use the first 10 mins of walk as your warm up, then do some stretches then run. Stretch out when you've finished too. If you have any hills round you use those for walking up as hill work is great. If you've got bikes get those out at the weekend and head off.
    Don't expect results straight away but you will feel a benefit in the end. :)
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