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wage negotiable?

SystemSystem Posts: 8,653 Staff Team
i have an interview somewhere this week.

thing is - the wage is "negotiable".

i have never had a job where you have had to negotiate a wage.

now, i realise that if i was to be offered this job, id have to take a pay drop but in the long term, it would help my career as its related to the field i want to eventually work in.

im just wanting a bit of advice really. im assuming they'll discuss this in the interview but when they ask me what sort of pay im expecting, what should i say? should i start by saying something like "well, at the moment im on £....." and be honest and tell them this is due to go up quite signifcantly within the next year if i was to stay there but at the same time, make it clear that i know i wouldn't get paid as much if i was to be offered the job ive got an interview for? or should i say how much i think i should earn based on what i can do.

im very nervous about this interview as there is only one position available and i just know lots of people in the same situation as me will have gone for it but more than anything, im nervous about this whole "negotiating" lark. its not something ive ever had to do. i don't want to say something too high as they might not consider me for the role then and if i say something too low, they'll think that i don't think very highly of myself in terms of my work.

i just want to give it my best shot as it would open up so many doors for me.

advice? please? :nervous:


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    Don't focus so much on the salary, if there is only one position they will want the best person for the job, and are probably prepared to pay for it within reason.

    You don't have to accept a £ offer or make a decision during the inteview, so you should be able to find out from the recruitment agent afterwards what the salary bracket is and then you can set expectations. If your current salary comes up just be honest, I've always exaagerated mine when going for jobs £10k+ more than what I'm on, purely because judgement of what someone's worth is not always solely based on ability.
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