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birthday and xmas shizzle

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didn't really want to put this in going out because its loads of things i need to consider, and seeing i'm a spazzy dsypraxic with the organisational skills of a snail, and currently no forsight as to what i could actually do.

my birthday is the second weekend of november, and i need to let people know what i'm doing asap as people have to arrange accommodation and flights/trains as i have a mother in spain and friends all around the country... but i haven't got a clue what to do. my birthday almost always seems to get fucked up. last year i was working (for radio 1 admittedly and i did get to meet the mighty boosh) over my birthday and my mum didn't get to come over. and then i had a huge arguement with my best mate when we went out. So, i want things to go to plan, but i don't know what to do or how to sort it, and i haven't got much money to plan anything extravagant. I've always wanted to have a party but i've never really had the time/space/money etc for one... any ideas as to what i could do or how i could try and organise some of it? or do i just decide that the best i can do is a night out in camden?

the second problem is xmas. last xmas i spent with a friend purely because she didn't want me spending it on my own. I can't bear the thought of spending xmas in spain, but i don't want to spend in halls on my own. i want to spend it with my mum but we haven't really got anywhere to be a xmas now, as her friend's daughter has just anounced that she wants just a familly xmas when she comes back from india. So it seems like we're completely stuffed. spending xmas (and the 21st especially) with my mum is really important, as i haven't spent xmas with her since i was 15 and then i spent most of the day crying (i can't hack it really, i've had some incredibly scary xmas's) and then sodded off to my mates house until new year. does anyone with some lateral thinking power have any ideas as to what i might be able to do in this situation as well?

serious thanks to anyone that doesn't just have a go at me for this. i've just been racking my brain trying to come up with some kind of solution, and it seems like every idea i come up with is wrong...


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    It may sound like a really crazy idea, but bear with me...

    Are there any homeless shelters, care homes or sheltered accomodation places around that have some kind of Christmas lunch and would gladly take volunteers?

    If your mum came over then the two of you could go and do something like that on Christmas day, you'd get the festivities, you'd be making other people really happy and the fact you're both doing something might make things work better....
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    i did think abotu doing something like that last year, i'll put it to her and see what she thinks....
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