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Giving Permission For Someone To See My Medical Records?

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
A month ago, I had to go for an assessment at college because I gave them a few pieces of paper which state that I'm visually impaired and explained what it is and what help I need.

Anyway, I got talking tothem and they said that I was the first person there with Nystagmus, which meant they had to so research before talking to me. Because I said that reading black on yellow is easier, they suggested that I wear yellow tinted lenses, hopefully I'm having an assessment at the eye infirmary for that soon.

I asked if they had a publication by the RNIB/Nystagmus Network on Nytagmus and they said yes. I was then taken to a room which has someone's computer in and she asked if she has my permission to contact the eye infirmary for more information. I said this was ok and was given a piece of paper to sign, stating this.

On Monday, the lady phoned up my dad and told him (instead of me:confused: ) that they were able to get funding for a laptop for me, but had to have some proof stating this. The most recent medical evidence (apart from a prescription from the opticians) is my certificate of visual impairment. My dad suggested that I send them that to show that I am registered as partially sighted, until I can get an appointment at the eye infirmary. He also said that I should write a letter explaining that I can't get to the eye infirmary, but (I have to go through my GP and they've still not signed the letter I gave them 2 weeks ago) here's my certificate of visual impairment (the releveant stuff) and they have my permission to contact the person named on the certificate.

Now, is all that ok to allow the lady at college to speak to the medical professions involved in treating me and for them to give her more information?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You might also want to write a letter to your GP/the eye infirmary depending on which records to tell them they have your permission to discuss your condition.
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