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Rome- off the beaten track

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Hey guys,

Did a quick search of the forums and read what was brought up, but it didn't quite cover all i wanted.

Anybody got any tips for unusual things to do in Rome?

Also has anybody got any tips for slightly out of the way but not too far to travel beaches to get to from Rome?

Thanks guys


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    Ostia is a lovely beach. It wasn't too crowded when I was there and on the way you can stop at Ostia Antica and visit the ruins there - but be warned that they aren't well-labelled.

    Also, Trajan's Forum, although it's really central, is not frequented and was really quiet (I was the only one there!) so it's a good chance to look at the architecture of a smaller forum without the bussle of the Forum Romanum.

    Likewise, the Baths of Caracalla. Also, if you go to the Appian Way and the catacombs get the bus. We walked from Piramide, which was really dumb.

    Outside Rome, Tivoli is lovely but a nightmare to get to (make sure you always know what sort of ticket you need for each bus or they won't let you on!)

    I spent ages there on my own, so if you want any eateries advice or anything do PM me. xx

    I'm afraid it shows that I went with a remit to study the archaeology, but it was great fun.
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    I went to Sperlonga, which is about an hour away on the train from Rome and then a short bus journey. It was really nice there and according to stuff on the internet that I read prior, it's supposed to be one of the nicer beaches but haven't been to any others, so can't really comment. Other than that,when I was there did the usual touristy things, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Vatican. Was a great city!
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