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Facebook friend rejections



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    T-Kay wrote: »
    2) Someone from school that I haven't been in touch with since we graduated adds me, and if I found that person an arsehole at school I will remove them :yes:
    What I've liked about Facebook is people who were twats to me at school, gave me stick for being the computer geek etc, now that we've all grown up everyone is really mature and respectful of one another, some apologising, some saying well done you deserve what you're up to, its all one big happy family from a formerly very divided school.
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    Facebook along with Myspace are fine for social networking but friendship is a two way thing so if friends you have on your list don't reply back then there is no point keeping them.

    Friendships are made after getting to know those who first contact you, and trust is built up. But it takes time in getting to know people on your friend's list so don't be too hasty in booting them off.

    It might surprise you but the "arsehole" you knew at school might have turned out good, so don't judge them. Give them a chance.

    Facebook I don't belong to but Myspace I do but rarely use it now because people I made friends with don't reply back. I shall be deleting the board soon.

    Love Poppi
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    I think people treat internet life as different from real life. Maybe they have different internet friends than real ones, and in fact on most sites like myspace you don't have to even use your real name. On Facebook you do normally use your real name although you can make up a name to use as long as it looks like a real name.

    I have set my privacy settings on facebook so that my friends can't see much of my activity, because I want to be able to join groups etc. without everyone seeing which ones I have joined.

    These people may have secrets they just don't want you or their real friends to know, so perhaps they have removed you. I'm surprised you can see what they have done in their profiles if they have not added you, because I thought privacy settings generally prevented you from seeing these things.

    And you can still send them messages even if you are not their friend unless they actually block you. Have any of them actually done that?
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    OP, maybe these people don't really like you. People in life can be two-faced.
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