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Crappy day at work......

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...and then some;

I've just started as a postman, and after shadowing one postie on my first few days on one round, I've now suddenly found myself suddenly shoved into my 'permanant' round, not knowing most of the streets on a very unfamiliar council estate in another part of town, and offerered very little guidence on the route, which is badly planned out anyway. A few colleages agree with me on that point too, by the way.

Today in particular was bad, as I arrived this morning, bundled my mail after it'd had been sorted by another colleage, and then only on my walk did I realise it'd had been sorted by an absolute monkey. And all on a very busy day for post where the heavy baggage would slow down a newbie like me anyway.

Then I explained my progress to the manager, who phoned me up an hour or so after starting my round, and he had the cheek to expect my head to roll over the whole situation! I was expected to finish before 2pm but I ended up finishing about two hours later than expected.
But the manager's attitude really got my back up. He accused me of just expecting to be able to "dump a load of mail on us." Was I supposed to bullshit him and tell him I'd nearly finished? What an arrogant little turd.... :banghead:

This is just one instance of trouble I've had since starting, so of course I'm pretty keen to get out fo there and do something else, because it's just pissing me off now.

I'm used to crappy people at work, but I draw the line at this happening on a regular basis.

My mate works at a car parts firm nearby and he's offered to put a word in for me, while I've been hoping to enquire there on a day off, which I thinkfully have tomorrow. I suppose I could try the agencies too at a stretch.
But whatever happens, I'd have to work a week's notice period. I'd rather that weren't the case really.

So, what to do? Stick at my current job, or get out and try something else? Any other advice?

I'm really not happy with my job, and I'm sure it's unlikely to improve, as I only got it anyway as a quick means to getting a few quid, but meanwhile, it's one of those decisions you can't take lightly, of course.


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    Firstly I always say it's better to be safe than sorry. I've gone from job to job to job ad infinitum. I'm 22 and I'm still not happy with my career. I've quit jobs with nothing to go to and I've stayed in some hellholes waiting for a new job. The better option is grin and bear it, think of the money until you get something else because employers are more likely to take you on when you are actually in employment. So I'm saying don't just leave.

    And as for getting a new job, maybe initially you need to think about what you really want to do. You sound like you could do a lot better for yourself than car parts and letterboxes. You could look around some college websites and browse part-time evening courses or get a part-time voluntary job in a field you like the sound of. I'm set to do a creative writing course in the autumn.

    But apart from that, I hope the enquiries at your friend's work is successful and I'm sorry you've had to work with some real idiots. I know the feeling.
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    Presumably, once you've learnt the route, the job itself would get a lot easier. I would stick it out but job hunt at the same time if I were in your position, and only quit when you know you've got something else lined up.

    But I'd also give it another week, before actively job hunting. You never know, things may settle down and if you have a word with your colleague, they may even get better. Like you said, quitting a job isn't something you want to take lightly.
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    I understand it isn't a decision I would take lightly at all, but it's one that looks pretty inevitible anyway, at least from my point of view.
    However, I have just been offered a position at the local tax office (I've applied for various jobs in recent months), and I'm wondering if I should try jumping ship I guess. Mind you, that could turn out to be crap too, and then I'm back at square one, but then again, I'm not exactly happy where I am now either.

    And besides, I'd have to give a week's notice were I to do just that, However, I am on a six-month 'trial period' and the contract does state that "Royal Mail may waive this notice period either in whole or in part."

    Meanwhile, today I might try and have a serious word with the management about the situation. I am obviously wary about rushing into such a big decision, but if I am already considering handing my notice in, then surely somethihg's amiss, so I'm gonna ahve to discuss the situation.
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