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Got An Interview Woohoo

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Ok so looking for some tips really. Im 19 years old, just got to the interview stage of a good with HM Revenue and Customs dealing with giving customers advice. Basically im a generally friendly person and find it easy to get along with people, unfortunately interviews shit me up :( anyone got any interview tips? I know theres a few threads on here but was wondering if anyone had any good info! Much appreciated! :P


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    Do you know what kind of interview it will be? Knowing that is a good first step to take, if not give them a call and ask - they won't think any less of you for wanting to make sure you are adequately prepared.

    Make sure you do prepare! Try and think of situations that link up to the competencies of the job as listed in the job description and person specification. If they ask you questions like "Tell me about a time when..." think of STAR when explaining these in an interview:

    Situation - brief background information
    Task - specific task to perform
    Action - your personal role (not the group, you)
    Result - the outcome

    This often helps as people tend to forget the result which leaves things hanging a bit.

    Try this from prospects to see lots of general interview advice.

    Don't forget basic but important things like being on time, smartly presented etc., don't wear overpowering perfume, if you smoke try not to do it on the way to the interview as it is obvious as soon as you walk in! These kind of things sound obvious but often get overlooked!
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    Google for interview questions. There are plenty of sites out there with plenty of common questions and answers which you could find useful for preparation.
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