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single transferable vote at student elections

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This is the system being used in our elections.. But I don't understand it, can anybody explain it to me please?

I am running against one other person, then there is RON (re-open nominations, which basically means people don't like either)...

Say I said to vote me #1 and RON #2, would this affect the chances of the person I am running against? or help me at all?


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    There are various versions of STP, this is one of the more common ones.

    When people vote, they number their preferences 1, 2, 3.

    All the 1st preferences get tallied. If there is a signifacant majority the process stops here (% is usually set by the voting procedure). If there is no overwhelming majority at this point the lowest scoring candidate is removed from the list and all the ballot papers who put them as first preference are reallocated based on the 2nd preference.

    So, if you vote You, Ron, Them and you come last in the first round of counting, your vote will be reallocated to Ron rather than to the other candidate. Generally Ron comes last, so how people who vote Ron as 1 rank the other two candidates is far more likely to matter than those who rank a person first.
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    It all depends on how many positions are available and how many are running. If you get over the quote in first preference votes then you're through and then second preference votes come in, then third and so on and so on until all spaces are reached. So you may nearly reach the quota but are hated by everyone else so much that you don't get any other preference votes and miss out even though someone who gets much lower in the first count can still get through. It can be unfair but it's much better than FPTP.
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