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Uni Stress

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Hi, i'm new to this, but kinda need a listener. Basically i started university sept 07 and found it fun and new and exciting, i made friends easily and had no problems. However, since january exams i seem to have lost all desire to get the degree, i've been very stressed and anxious and i dont know why. i havent been sleeping or eating very well, been getting stomach aches and headaches and had a couple of panic attacks (one during badminton tornament which was embarassing). i do not know what has brought this on at all. I thought maybe homesickness as i have gone to uni far from home (durham university from poole) but i have no real desire to go home especially, and i was fine before xmas. I just dont know whats wrong with me. Can anyone explain, or has anyone else felt like this?


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    The symptoms sound like you're a bit depressed and suffering from sort of strange separation anxiety. University is a massive change in anybody's life, that's a well known fact, and sometimes it can manifest a little later than expected for many different reasons. I still get a bit funny when I realise I'm technically a grown up now and have to make my own way in the world.

    I'd advise speaking to your student health department or speaking to a doctor about your systems. Try and find out the root cause of the problem (like this) and see how you can fix it. Maybe speak to your course tutors as well if it's affecting your work.

    As for giving up on your degree I wouldn't advise it unless you're not enjoying your course that much. The amount of times I've felt like jacking in mine! But in a few years time I know I would really regret it.

    Don't worry :)
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    why did you go university in the first place?
    answering that might help you find yourself again.

    if it is homesickness, may be a trip home one weekend would be a good idea?!
    if you continue to feel like that though, i'd advise you visit your GP.
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    Lots of first years hit a kind of low point in their second term. Everything is still a bit new, so you're not entirely 'at home' and familiar with the area, the system etc yet and so still feel a bit out of place at times, and the novelty has worn off, so in a way you're still getting the downsides of moving away from home and starting something new, but with the good stuff less obvious.

    What do you do other than your course? I find my hobbies are my saviour at times like this, get fed up with my course and stressed about nothing in particular. If you've not joined anything yet then never fear, it's not too late and you'll be welcomed in.

    Not going to be an instant fix but it's worth finding something specific to do with your spare time.
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    I remember when I was back at school. I'd have been fine before and during the summer holidays. When I got back to school for the new school year, however, I was a nervous wreck. I was off for about six weeks, you were probably off for a similar amount of time.

    I suspect it's nothing more than a side effect of recent events. Think about it - you go home for Christmas and New Year, (at least I assume you did) you've been away for several weeks. During that time, you may have got bored and your mind started to wander. You suddenly come back and start getting nervous. Perfectly natural, and one of those things that will pass very shortly.
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