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sex advice please

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Hi, i just joined here today and would like some advice or your opinion. I am in a relationship with a woman who i love and adore. we are currently looking for way's to spice up our sex life not that our sex is not good when we have it it is awsome. i am alway's the one who initiates sex , i need her to take control once and a while and come after me. right now she hurt her back and i know it's hard for her, she also knows that i love giving her oral more than anything do you think it would be rude of me or selfish if i asked her not to have sex but just to let me give her oral, and how can i get her to ask me i mean if she doesn't i will initiate but again do you think this is rude or selfish of me?


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    It's not for any of us to judge you :) First off, one of the sexiest things you can do is to keep learning and discovering what pleasures your partner. It can lead to all sorts of new and interesting things. A lot of the time, but not always you can get to these places by using your mouth to talk- not just straightforward sexually. Talk to your partner about what she likes, and sure enough at some point the conversation will turn to your likes.

    At the moment you say your partner is experiencing back pain, and talking to her you'll have a better idea of what she's feeling up to at the moment and what would be better to wait on. You can find out more info about spicing up you and your partner's sex life here: TheSite.org's sex section
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