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    i've been to st.lukes and it was dead on evryone was really nice and helpful.
    everyone was trying to help each other because we where all on the same boat whether it was drink or drugs. don't worry mate
    good luck :thumb:

    "You don't know what you'd got till it's gone" :crazyeyes
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    domiow wrote: »
    Hi, i'm new here and was wondering if anyone had any comments, negative or postitive on Barley Wood Treatment Centre in Somerset, cos i'm going there next week to start my detox and probably not going to get to see the place before i go...

    Firstly its a very nice place to be. Its an old Mansion that used to belong to the wills family. That's right the ciggy people. The food is amazingly good, but you are expected to wash up and help with the tidying up. There are loads of activities and as a result you get very little free time. This is great to start with but is very hard work when you are really clucking. You will get a detoxification but it is still a shock, when you realise you have felt shit for a week and its not getting better yet. Then it can be very hard getting through a day. You will get a lot of support from your fellow inmates. There is a downside the whole place can get very petty and it can seem like everyone is being secretive or playing mind games with each other. I was under a lot of pressure from outside to go home which was a nightmare. To be honest the staff probably should have picked up on that and helped. At the time there seemed to be a bit of a hands off attitude from the staff with them relying on the group to pick up on people in distress or to unearth those who were cheating. I left at a far to early date (because of outside pressure) and I have often wished I had stayed longer. The 12 step approach is a load of pants but you will go along with it because you have to. :thumb: Girls and Boys on a detox get randy so you will probably get lucky:yuck: trouble is you cannot get condoms on site because your not supposed to be human.:shocking: So i would pack a couple of packets:thumb: I think you will enjoy the place and I hope it works for you. I relapsed very quickly and am still in treatment you will do far better I suspect.
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    Hi Dom

    i made a mistake in the explaining the detox, i should have clairifyed it more. They drop you 5 physeptone every 2nd day so its a 4 week detox.

    regards, john

    Wow when I was at Barleywood it was 5 every day starting from a maximum of 50. Maybe it is more sensible now as a 7 day detox is murder.
    They are learning slowly what is possible and what is just plain cruelty.
    There has also been a drift towards higher starting amounts for long term scripts. It makes sense. I can recall the first time I approached an agency to help me get off and frankly it made it a lot worse. I was given 8 Df118 and reduced a tablet a week. There was no urine testing so it was just 8 weeks wasted. 8 df 118's was about what I needed every 4 hours at the time.I must have wasted 4 years being messed around like that. Oh and I got the lot in one go, so it only lasted a day or two...just silly.
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    Hey, welcome to TheSite, it's worth checking the dates on threads as this one was started back in 2005! I'm gonna close it now. Sounds like you have lots of useful information to share though, so stick around :thumb:
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