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drunk texting

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I'm sure the majority of people here have done it!!! If so what's the worst thing u have ever sent and to what person that u shouldntve?!!

I think I made the mother of all drunken texts last night! In my exact words (and this is to someoone that ive known all of 2 days and really like.. )

"I k u nop u sad u didn't care iff I sed drunk texts whixh is y
I textig now (as long as u dot speed this around) but.. I zoo wanted u tonight! U are SO gorgeous!! Nd I dot know If u no it or not .. By u r. And if u up for ITU I will ttly blow of gokj to.souglas tomorrow to .. Um .. Do others sdk ?? Bette than dancing?!, no otherhh way to pitting it.darn daryl to beindss there need . I was so up do it. Shite. I am well aware I an like who're but fux it ice never Sadi this to anton before .

Shiiiite. Makes very little sense.. But basically I think I'm offering to shag him.. Poor guy


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