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My name is Simon, I am 28 years old and 3.5 years ago I had a stroke. Now I am over it physically (well as much as I can be) but verbally I'm not where I was, and emotionally I'm a complete mess. I feel depressed at times and sometimes I feel, 'what is the point?' and I feel suicidal. I have a girlfriend but I can't talk to her because a) shes pregnant and )shes not that vocal herself, and I have no other friends that I feel close enough to to talk about how I'm feeling and thats largely because of my stroke.

Are there are any more young stroke victims out there who feel the same as me? Even if your not a stroke victim but would like to talk anyway just email me.



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    Hi Simon

    I don't know if you'll find stroke victims on here but there are a lot of us who have been / are going through depressive and suicidal periods so I hope you find some support.

    There are also a lot of young mums and dads so there should be some help there, too.

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