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FUNNY ANIME MOMENTS - your favourite?

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Fair do's, I've watched quite a few anime now & they've all left me pissing myself in laughter, partly because they are crazy, but mostly because they are so damn sick!

Take DEVILMAN for instance. I've only seen part two, but it's still funny how grossly sick and over the top it is (like when Akira asks "I'll soap your tits for you").
Another example is in STREETFIGHTER 2 when Chun Li throws a table at Vega.

What are your fave anime moments?

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    Fist of the North Star - when that huge fat guy gets a hole kicked in his stomach but it glues back together and he goes 'see you can't hurt me!!' and explodes

    Wicked City - That little old man who's a PROPER pervert, he's well funny

    Secret of Mammo - That whole film is just a laugh

    Lensman - When that little mustachioed DJ starts a riot

    Violence Jack - This little bastard is about to rape some woman and suddenly gets a big knife in the middle of his head and he looks really surprised...so would i for that matter

    Oh there are so many, anime is just cool

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