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Bella mag - parents & relationships

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A journalist from Bella is looking for people to tell their story about disapproving parents. Here are the details:

Are you in a relationship?

How did your parents react when you started dating?

Do they disapprove of your boyfriend because he’s the wrong age / class / religion?

Do you wish your parents would take you more seriously when you say you are in love?

Whatever your story Bella magazine would love to hear from you.

If we feature your story we’d need to interview you and take your photograph.

But in return we’ll pay you a fee for your time and trouble.

Email an outline of your story and your contact details to [email protected]


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    Parents & Relationships


    I have a story about parents and relationships, which may interest you. I am in a relationship with a black West African man, however my mother is white South African, and left South Africa during the Appartheid, and does not approve of my relationship, although she has never told me directly. I was working abroad until the end of June this year, when I was made redundant. My fiance is still there, studying. Since coming back I have found out that I am pregnant, I am now nearly 5 months, I am living with my parents, I am not working, struggling financially and have no idea how to tell them about the baby.

    My fiance finishes his course at the end of this year and is planning to come to the UK if his visa is approved, however he can not live with me at my parents as my Mum wouldn't entertain the idea, and there is no room.

    You can contact me on [email protected], if you are interested.

    Thank you

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