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Walking with Beasts

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Quality entertainment I thought. After Blue Planet I thought that would be it from the BBC for a while, but they've produced a winner yet again. Anyone else curious about the post-Cambrian species divergence?? Nope?? I'll just get my coat then........

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    How about "Waking with Beasts", a documentary about the morning after the night before. Waking up in a strange bed with the creature that last night looked so beautiful, and in the cruel truth of the morning light looks like a 300lb sabre-tooth tiger. Remembering little about the drunken conquest, the show highlights skills essential to escaping the lair of this she-beast (with the king of hangovers) without awakening her from her slumber (preferably with both shoes on). A learning tool for all young-men who had the beer-goggles on and want a non-confrontational exit from this common situation.

    The BBC would have excelled in television greatness.

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    em, i wasn't to convinced by it, must admit - it was done really well etc, but what will we introduced to next week a fish with a really long neck which was later to become a giraffe ? it seemed patronising at times as well as a bit fairy tale ish - that bird thing was fucking awful too, imagine opening a door been faced with that, i bet christmas day was a filling occasion all round mind you ! I'm gonna wait till i pass judgement, not that anyone cares what i think !
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